Older Adult Interview Questions

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Older Adult Interview
Betty was born August 30, 1930 in southern Missouri. Her parents, Maggie and Casey, were your everyday farmers in Christian County. She had an older sister, Wanita, and an older brother, Wayne, as well as a few younger siblings. Growing up, she was blessed to be in a Christian home, where your faith was everything.
When she was asked, “Who were the most important people that contributed to your development, both as a child and as an adult? In what ways were they important to you?” She replied, “My parents because as a child they guided me as I grew up and as an adult, supported my husband and I through the good and bad times. Also, Mount Baptist Church for showing me the way of the Lord as well as my older brother …show more content…

Has it been satisfactory? In what aspects of your life have you been most satisfied? Least satisfied? What was your favorite age range?” She grinned at me and replied,” I’ve loved my life. It’s been great. I have a husband that blessed me for many many years, a wonderful family, and a loving God. It has been more than satisfactory and I do not regret anything.”
According to Erickson’s theory, Ego Integrity vs. Despair, Betty is at a level of Ego of Integrity. She feels whole and satisfied with her achievements and has adapted to her life’s triumphs and disappointments. She had attained a sense of completeness and cohesion of herself (Theris A. Touhy, 2016, p. 37).
I asked her, “How would you describe your life now? What activities do you enjoy and how do you spend your time?” She said, “My life now is not how I predicted it to be. I must rely on my family, especially my daughter, to help take care of my husband and I because I’m getting to where I can’t. If it wasn’t for her coming over every morning and night, I don’t know what we would have done. My son doesn’t live as close as she does, but he will help us by driving us to the doctor sometimes. We have both been to a nursing home in the past, and although they were good to us, it is nice to be home. A lot of people our age goes in there for rehab like us and never get to leave. The Lord had different plans for us …show more content…

I asked her where she gives herself her insulin and she showed me how she rotated sites between the left and right side of her stomach and the backsides of her upper

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