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I have chosen Taurus. Mostly because it's the constellation I know the most about, and (to take a trip to the astrology-part) it's my zodiac sign, so it has kind of followed me around my entire life.
It's one of the oldest constellations there are, they can date it back to the early Bronze Age!
If you want to take a look at it, it's easiest during night time in December and January.

The Greek mythology (I generally think Greek mythology is the most exciting one) has two versions.
One speaking about Taurus being Zeus, who's taken the form as the big, white bull to abduct the princess Europa.
The other one says that Taurus is Io, one of Zeus lovers, whom he transformed into a bull so Hera wouldn't find out. (Cheating really goes back a long way). …show more content…

He was brave for his age, and he always bragged in front of his friends about how he would go out on big adventures when he grew older. His mother worried a lot; the little brave boy was her only child and her husband died not long ago. How would she manage on her own when he finally decided to leave her?

Years went past and the little brave boy grew up to become a little brave man.
His mother was getting worn down with worry about him leaving, and everytime she tried to make him change his mind, he just became more and more determined to go away. He couldn't find any reason for her to worry so much, and she didn't want him to know how scared she was about being left all alone.

He finally started packing his few belongings, and let his mother know that after that night he would be gone. He left her alone in the cabin to say his farewells, and she broke down in tears.
After a while she heard a knock on the door. She didn't really want to open it but something made her get up from the chair and go to the door.
In front of her was an old woman.
"I know what you're going through" she said. "Give your son this, and he'll always be by your

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