Negative Effects Of Christopher Columbus

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Christopher Columbus is a man who is commonly depicted as a hero and great explorer who discovered our modern day America, but many of the so called “facts” are not all completely true as people would like to believe. Columbus was undoubtedly a courageous explorer who brought many new ideas, cultures, and resources to be exchanged between the New World and Europe. While this is true, it is not uncommon for people to forget the harmful effects brought along with the voyages made by Columbus and the darker details of his times in America. Columbus started from humble middle class family. Columbus was born in 1451 in the Republic of Genoa as the oldest of his four siblings. His father was a wool weaver and Columbus helped him at the wool workshop until the age of 14. At this time he left his father 's workshop to apprentice himself to be a merchant on a trading ship. Although his father was not rich, he put Columbus through the University of Pavia to study geography, navigation, and astronomy. As Columbus grew older he sought larger ventures with more to gain from them. Columbus attempted to gain funding for his voyage to Asia, which he intended to make by circumnavigating the world to create a different route for trade. He was turned down by multiple …show more content…

The contract signed with the monarchs made Columbus the governor of any land that he would discover giving him the power he desired. Along with the power of being governor of the new land, he was also given the rights to ten percent of all that he brought back with him to Spain giving him the wealth. This included all gold, pearls, spices, and other objects which he intended to retrieve in the largest quantity possible. After more than a two month voyage, he finally landed on the islands of what is now the present day Bahamas.This seemingly innocent discovery soon would turn into a more than devastating

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