Why Is Christopher Columbus Bad

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Christopher Columbus is a Villain The definition of a villain is someone who hurts other people for no good, and their main goal is to thrill themselves and not care for anyone else. Christopher Columbus's story has two sides, one being the children's tale and rhyme of how Christopher Columbus “discovered” America, and the other showing why he was no hero to our country. During his first voyage in 1492, his crewman had an exhausting trip on there way to find the East Indies. Then when him and 1300 crewman arrive in the Caribbean to find gold in 1493 is when the children's tale ends, and he starts to kill people and cut their hands off. After Christopher Columbus's approach to having his slaves find gold did not work, he returned back to Spain in 1496 so he could …show more content…

After 30 days sailing, the crew approached Columbus wanting to go back to Spain. Christopher Columbus discussed it with the other captains of the boats and made the decision that they were going to continue sailing to the East Indies. Life on the boat was so bad because good food was not easy to find. After a month, the food and water started to spoil from the moist air, so many crewman had to eat spoiled food and kill rats that ran around the boat. Christopher Columbus did not have as such a terrible time on the boat because he only cared for himself. The second trip Christopher Columbus made in 1493 to the Caribbean is when the most children stop learning about Columbus. Columbus's goal was to insane amounts of gold and was not kidding around trying to find it. Everyone fourteen and older was assigned to a finding a quota of gold everyday, and the punishments for not succeeding were extensive. Of you did not reach your daily requirement of gold, your hands were cut off, if you refused you were killed, and if you ran away you were hunted down and starved. Columbus was a truly cruel person who wanted gold for his greater

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