Why We Shouldn T Celebrate Columbus Day

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I think Columbus Day should not be a national holiday. For example, Columbus took over the natives land. He thought he discovered it himself, but he didn’t. Another thing is, Columbus wanted to conquer the men in the village and make them be his slaves. In fact, he brought over diseases from Italy, and other places. Those are some reasons why I think we shouldn’t have Columbus day as a holiday. Columbus was a hateful and mean person. He believes he discovered North America, but he didn’t. Christopher Columbus was born on October, 22, 1451 and died May, 20, 1506. Columbus was from Genoa, Italy. He explored the new lands the new routes to places. Also, he explore North America and the Caribbean islands. Christopher Columbus became famous in 1492. This is a little background knowledge about Christopher Columbus. …show more content…

Because he thought he discovered the land by himself but really the natives were there before him. The natives should not be treated this way. Plus, the natives and vikings found the land first. He faked friendships with the Taino people just to use them for the land. Christopher Columbus stole there land and worked them to death until they were dead. He did nothing to help the natives. Once the natives left because they were nice enough to leave and give the land to Columbus, he tour down everything that they had built to survive. Adding on to the fact, the natives were not rich so they could not get what they wanted. It would not feel really good to have someone boss you around and you don't even know them. Christopher Columbus is nothing but a jerk to people and to their

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