Should We Celebrate Columbus Day Be Celebrated?

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Columbus day should it be celebrated? Some say no. Christopher Columbus is known for being the man that discovered the Americas in 1492, but some people think that he was the sole culprit of genocide, or mass murder of a large group of people, of an certain ethnic group, but usually when people think of genocide they most likely think of Hitler, and the holocaust during WW2, and not a great man who found America, and made Spain rich. Many think that the holiday should still be celebrated like the author of “Sail On”, while not as many people don’t think it should still be celebrated like the author of “Should Columbus have a holiday”. There are five countries in total that celebrate the holiday all three of the Americas(North, South, and Central), Italy, and Spain, but that means that there are hundreds if not thousands of people that don’t think that it should not be celebrated for whatever reason that have for example most of the Native Americans died. …show more content…

Columbus discovered the Americas in 1492 by accident he was trying to travel to India, Japan, and China, or Asia via the Atlantic Ocean to send spices, gold, and slaves back to Europe. Columbus sailed under king Ferdinand and queen Isabella I of Spain after he was turned down by England. Columbus changed the world meaning without him the world would be much a different place for example without Columbus people would never have migrated from across the world, and colonize America. There are some basic facts about Christopher Columbus. Now on to why the articles are

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