Analysis Of Columbus Day Controversy By Nannette Croce

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“Columbus Day Controversy” is an article by Nannette Croce which discusses the debate of celebrating Columbus Day. In the article Croce explains her view of this conflict and her supporting arguments. After reading the article, I understood that she stood in favor of Columbus Day in favor of her Italian heritage. Croce explained in her article that she does support the Native Americans and their rights, however, she feels that Columbus Day should be celebrated at the same time.
From what I understood of her points, Croce agrees to Columbus Day solely because it is a way to acknowledge the Italian people. She states in the last sentence of her article: “Columbus Day isn’t against American Indians; it’s for Italian- Americans.” Throughout the article, Croce makes it quite clear that she fully supports the Native Americans and their rights, but it doesn’t mean that Columbus Day should not be celebrated. She sees the day as an opportunity to recognize Italians and their accomplishments through the explorer, Columbus. As she wrote in her article: “Columbus serves as the ultimate “gotcha” against all those Mayflower descendants claiming superiority based on their earlier …show more content…

Personally, I feel that Columbus Day should not be celebrated because of the fact that he did not actually “discover” the Americas. As well as the cruelty and brutality he had spread through his travels, which had an effect on so many people. It is actually a fact that Columbus never even discovered America as he had never set foot on the North American continent in the first place. supports this fact and states: “While he did reach the coasts of what today are Cuba, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic, as well as explore the Central and South American coasts, he never unfurled a Spanish flag in North America.” This is one reason why I believe Columbus does not exactly “deserve” the title of discovering the

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