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Christopher Columbus may have discovered the New World in 1492, but some people disagree that he should be honored with finding the new world . The USA celebrates the discovery of the new world on the second Monday in October every year, and most people agree with him being honored for finding the New World, others think not. He risked his life and the life of others to sail over the treacherous sea; however, some historians and Native Americans think he is a slaver and a murderer of millions. On the other hand other people love him, and adore him, and love the day off from work and school. In these 2 articles they have different perspectives of Christopher Columbus’ discovery.

First of all, there are many similarities in these two article. In both articles, Sail On and Columbus Doesn’t Deserve a Holiday they talk about the purpose of his voyage, which was to travel to China and Japan, but incidentally he hit America. In Sail On it states, …show more content…

The second similarity that both of these articles state is that we credit him with finding America. This is true because in Columbus Doesn’t Deserve a Holiday it states,
“ In 1495, three years after Christopher Columbus became (allegedly) the first European to set foot in the Americas...”this is another similarity in both of these articles. The last similarity is that he changed the world. In Sail On it states,
“Columbus’ voyage made America known to the people of Europe. This truly changed the world. It is why Columbus is honored”. Many other similarities are posted in this

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