How Did Christopher Columbus Affect America

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Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in fourteen hundred ninety-two. When one hears the name Christopher Columbus, they tend to think about his discovery of America. What they don’t consider is how his discovery changed and affected America.
First of all, Columbus’ discovery provided the start of a long term colonization, which created what we know today as America. People, who immigrated from another country, traveled all over the world to make it to America in hopes of getting land in “The New World”. When more and more people came from different countries to collect the riches that Columbus had found, neighboring countries felt the urge to send residents on a permanent voyage to discover the riches like Christopher Columbus had done. It wasn’t just two or three countries who followed this mechanism either In the French colonial regions, they were focused on trade, specifically of fur with the natives. While the French were focused on trade, a large portion of their income came from fish. Along with that, farming developed, mainly to provide support. With all of that being said, it is clear the Christopher Columbus’ discovery impacted to economic portion of “The New World”. …show more content…

Many different countries, religious groups, people of varied nationalities all traveled and settled in America. Because of this, religion was establish and religious groups were formed. The first major religious group that immigrated to America were the Roman Catholics. People who had settled in colonies of Portugal and and Spain were required to follow the beliefs of Roman Catholicism. Yes, America, or as immigrants during Columbus’ time called it, “The New World”, has definitely changed since 1492, but one thing that has remained the same since then is the fact that America was and will always be a multicultural

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