Christopher Columbus Research Paper

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For As stated by Allan R. Holmberg in Nomads of the Longbow, the people and the land had no real history; they had existed almost without change in a landscape unmarked by their presence.” (Mann 9) Charles Mann has a ton of information that makes this statement correct. Native Americans did not in fact have true history before Columbus because of the fact that they had unchanged environment, lack of direct data (language wise and number), and the fact that warfare was their basis for life. According to Betty J. Meggers there has been no evidence that large number of people never lived in the Beni because the larger mounds are simply natural floodplain deposits. Which means that it was pure nature and a natural effect that caused the floodplain …show more content…

Because of this 99 percent or more of what land might have been developed remained virgin. Virgin soil meaning that agriculture was never prominent in the Native Americans life which is impossible, in order for there to be history there also has to be some sort of crop growing and agriculture for survival. The Native Americans also had not created lasting monuments or institutions which are also needed to create long lasting history. The fact that their lives apparently consisted of warfare and almost ONLY warfare shows that they had no real history because there were essentially no traces of anything

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