Cinco De Mayo Conflict

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Immigration has always been a huge topic in the U.S. However, it is until recently that there has been an attempt to stop immigration and to ‘ship’ away illegal immigrants. This has been a worldwide dilemma. When you have a president that strikes fear into the hearts of people, specifically immigrants, you can see why certain holidays won’t take place when they should. In the article, “Cinco de Mayo parade canceled over Trump immigration crackdown fears”, by author Matt Gray, it speaks about a conflict with immigrants in the U.S. These immigrants are too afraid to celebrate the Cinco De Mayo festival in Philadelphia over their fears of the immigration crackdown. In the article, it states, “U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced this week that it had arrested 248 people in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and West Virginia in the last two weeks.” This is showing why the organizers, of the Cinco De Mayo festival, are scared. If the arrest records of immigrants are 248 people within two weeks, in those specific places that is a great amount of people in such little time. This would strike fear into any immigrant with them seeing how fast the ICE officials are cracking down on immigrants in the U.S. Being an immigrant myself who came …show more content…

By us showing them that they are welcome, the chances of us having an immigration reform will decrease. Entering this country is hard enough as it is, so why make the process of obtaining a green card complicated too. I suggest that every undocumented individual that is hard working and who did not commit a serious crime should be given a chance at becoming a permanent resident. First, give them temporary resident ship and after working and paying taxes without committing a crime for 5 years they can achieve permanent residency, after living as a permanent resident for another 5years they should be able to apply for

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