Should Illegal Immigrants Be Granted American Citizenship Essay

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Should Illegal Immigrants be Granted American Citizenship? What were the premises that this great country were built upon? Most would agree that this country was able to thrive because of the pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That very concept has not changed to this very day. Many come into the U.S. illegally for these same quests because their life back home is miserable, and everyday they wait to leave their homeland is another day their family has to suffer. While many may argue that illegal immigrants are breaking the law by entering the U.S., most do not break any laws after entering. If illegal immigrants do nothing wrong for a five years while residing in the U.S. and follow all the laws, they should be granted citizenship. By recognizing the importance of immigrants that have resided productively in the U.S. having the opportunity to attain legal citizenship, by refuting those who claim that all illegal immigrants should be deported, and by presenting personal observations and documented evidence to present the typical life of an immigrant in American society, all concerned will be persuaded to open their arms to existing immigrants already …show more content…

According to Immigrationpolicy, immigrants pay anywhere from $90- $140 billion in federal, local, and state taxes. In fact, many believe(speculate) that if a large portion of immigrants were to be deported an economic crisis would most likely occur because the large spectrum of jobs that are usually taken up by immigrants would be open. The jobs that most (new)immigrants take up, for example (seasonally) farming and construction, are important(vital) to the (growing)economy. However, since these jobs are very labor extensive and usually have low income most Americans do not apply for these types of jobs. This would create a large gap in the labor work force and it is uncertain if the gap would be filled by

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