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City of God Literary works generally give rise to emotions. What one takes and adapts to one's life will eventually mold new perspectives. In Saint Augustine's book "City of God" he attempts to reach the reader through a religious standpoint. While his book was originally intended to calm citizens after the fall of Rome, it nonetheless solidified Christian practices. In his work, Augustine writes about the two cities, their separation, and the citizens of each city. His teachings and practices not only molded Christians to act as outstanding citizens but also refined everyday Christian faith. The book "City of God" debunked the many who blamed Christianity for the fall of Rome. In books one through ten, he attempts to reach the reader and …show more content…

In his view, the city of man is inhabited by those who view only oneself. Yet they share a common goal. In an article by Lindsey Hurd she mentions: "These two cities, Augustine wrote, share a common desire: peace. However, they have different methods of seeking it. The earthly city seeks earthly peace and an orderly society, but it strives for peace as the product of man’s intelligence and administrative abilities. That part of the heavenly city which dwells on earth seeks earthly peace as well, but only when it complements their ultimate goal of peace under God". The quote exemplifies the lack of belief in God in the city of man. In Augustine's view earthly peace will never reach their goal. Only believing in heavenly divine will can one find peace. In Augustine's book XIII he writes about Adam and Eve and his theory of death. He mentions that people have two deaths, a bodily death and the death of the soul. The bodily death is one that is meaningless, because your soul will live on in the city of God. Augustine wrote: “The death, then, of the soul takes place when God forsakes it, as the death of the body when the soul forsakes it". Under this example, the citizens of each city began to

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