Johanne Brahms Accomplishments

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Introduction Johanne Brahms was a pianist/ composer who was born on May 7th, 1833, but passed away on April 1897. He was originally from Hamburg in Germany. He composed symphonies, chamber music, piano works, choral compositions and so on. He used sonata style in the second half of the 19th century, and inspired other major idol of classical music such as Mozart and Beethoven. Brahms was very into his romantic era in the 19th century and was the leading musician. He began to learn music at a young age as his father was a double bassist in the German philharmonic society, and at the age of seven Brahms took up playing the piano. Once he was a teenager he began earning money as he became an accomplished musician where he played at local inns. Brahms in 1853 was introduced to a German composer by the name of Robert Schumann where he saw potential in the young Brahms and called him a genius for future music to come, calling him a “young Eagle”. Soon after an article was published making Brahms known in the music world. Brahms was never married but he did have many different relationships attempts which included an affair with Agatha von Siebold which ended. Looks as if Brahms fell in love quickly and easily. A German Requiem A requiem is also called a requiem stack, which is a mass celebrated for the repose of the mortal of the dead. By 1861 …show more content…

The music illustrates the words especially when this is a sad and powerful piece setting dark times to music trying to bring hope back into people’s lives. The music also expresses the emotional reaction to the words through dynamics and the type of instrument playing. The music gives us a type of metaphor for a certain word in this case it stresses “Blessed are they that mourn”. Music is very powerful in our everyday lives. Especially this piece when it represents the dead but gives others a hope to be strong and keep

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