Cognitive Approach In Health And Social Care

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The cognitive approach can be used to help individuals with learning difficulties as these individuals find it hard to process day to day situations and also how to express their emotions. Therefore resulting in them become irritated and frustrated, however by using the cognitive approach we can isolate these thoughts and change them to benefit the individual’s behaviour and emotions. Also by doing this it would promote self-esteem and the individual will gains skills that enable them to cope in situations. These changes can be encouraged through the staff and health care assistants. Furthermore individuals with emotional problems will also require support as they will find it difficult to express themselves. It involves how illogical and negative thoughts affect someone’s mood and therefore their behaviour. For example if they have negative thoughts this would leave those in a bad mood and then this would lead to aggressive or snappy behaviour. In addition someone who suffers from depression will experience low mood and feelings of worthlessness. The aim of cognitive behavioural therapy is to use the negative thoughts and change them into positive thoughts and have a better outlook on the world. Another aspect of the cognitive approach will also include the treatment of individuals …show more content…

Whereas violence is behaviour that involves physical force with the intent to hurt someone. BF Skinner theory included positive and negative reinforcement, for example if a toddler is showing their parent aggressive behaviour then the parent can place them on the naughty step to reinforced that their behaviour is not acceptable. By doing this you are using a negative reinforcement to result in a good behaviour from the

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