Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Essay

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Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a therapeutic model that aids in regulating emotions. Regulating emotions involve gaining control over negative cognition and emotions that are behind memories that have been suppressed. The main focus of this therapeutic technique is to abolish a connection between negative emotional processes and the memories that are involved. To gain access to these often hidden psychological experiences is to look at physical and emotional behavior to see if there is a pattern and any psychological disorders that the client may have. While past events may receive some attention during this type of therapy, there is not too much of an emphasis of the cause of the distress. Violet Harmon is a fictional character from the …show more content…

She was unable to process the emotions that she felt and was unable to regulate her emotions. Brogaard stated that avoidance behavior is one of the main indicators of unsettled emotional conflicts. This was very apparent in Violet’s case. She was an avid smoker who was secretly cutting herself throughout her time as a living being. She also was seen abusing sleeping medication in order to help her fall and stay asleep. These behaviors helped her momentarily avoid the drama unfolding around her, but she had always returned back to her troubling thoughts and emotions. Cognitive-behavioral therapy could have helped Violet in analyzing and eventually diminishing her repetitive, avoidant, and unhealthy …show more content…

She is thoroughly aware of the emotional traumas, which have occurred more recently in her young life. Unfortunately, Violet did not live long enough to experience the disruption in her adult life due to unresolved conflicts that occurred during her adolescent years. If this was not the case, then there would be a higher likelihood that talk-therapy would be appropriate. Also, analyzing Violet’s dreams and practicing free association would have been irrelevant to solving her issues. In American Horror Story, Violet was not hesitant in expressing her disdain for her parents and their constant conflicts. It would not have taken the processes of Dr. Sigmund Freud to understand what was causing Violet’s

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