Cold War Dbq Essay

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When you think of wars, you think of physical fighting, blowing people up and guns.The cold war is not that type of war. The cold war was a war that was all stregrey and no physical fighting. Russia and the US did eventually fight each other. Russia was communist which means they are a one party state, no differences social classes. Also the government controls people’s lives and very strong censorship. The Us were capitalism. capitalism is where there is free elections, more than one political party, kant different social classes. there was also a freedom of speech. Many people many be confused by what the cold war was. The cold war was a state of political hostility between countries that used threats, propaganda, and other measures to fight against each other, instead of actually physically fight. The cold war is different from previous wars because they were ideological fighting, alliances depended on who they would fight, also known as the arms race. The cold war was all ideological fighting because, In document D there is an excerpt from the north atlantic treaty. It states that there was a group or an alliances called NATO. The NATO members were Great Britain, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands , Belgium, Republic Of …show more content…

In document B, this is a expert from secretary of state marshall's speech. He says that if the world had heavy economic, social and political damage then that could be hard on the us because many trading routes would be affected (doc B) this shows they are using money as a weapon havimnng people fight to gain money and not fight for land. In document A, which is a diagram that shows all the money that was given to the United Kingdom (doc A). This shows that they are preparing if Russia was to attack because they didn't want anyone to be a communist. Cold War was debated on money and not so much debated on land. They are preparing for Russia to

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