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The Cold War Was Significantly Different From Previous Wars The Cold War was a battle between America and Russia to the fight over power and control. The Cold War began in 1945, soon after World War II ended. The Cold War started because the U.S and U.S.S.R disagreed on the type of political system they wanted. U.S.S.R demanded the spread of communism which was a system where each person worked on their own and is paid according to their ability of work. On the other hand, the U.S requested democracy which was a system where the power is vested in the whole population. This surprises people that Russians and Americans are not getting along because soon before this, World War II was won by Germany’s allies, including Russia and America. They …show more content…

Once again, the Marshall Plan goes along with the fact that oftentimes peace talks were used. To refresh, the Marshall Plan allowed the U.S to pay second world, communists, and third world, allies with neither side, to work their way to democracy. This goes along with peace talks because America decided to pay people to stay with their position than just fighting against Russia (Document B). The NATO association was a group of members that promised to keep people safe and help non allied countries. This group of people stood with the democracies, on the other hand, communists responded to this by creating the Warsaw Pact. This treaty provided the stability for the Soviets by promising safety and economic organization within the U.S.S.R. This results in a peace talk because both sides of the war generated a group to keep them safe in a way, providing a boarder in reach of either side to keep themselves guarded (Document D). Lastly, The Cuban Missile crisis is an important peace talk that occurred during the Cold War. The Cuban Missile crisis was a conflict Cuba had between the United states and Russia over where Soviet missiles should be positioned. In the late 50’s, Cuba fell to communism and soon after a leader named Castro took over control. Just before the crisis took place, the Bay of Pigs occurred in Cuba. The U.S was supposed to protect Cuban missiles but did not pull through with the promise and never showed up. This event was very significant and demonstrated peace talks because at this point, communists and democracies realize that they did not want to go to nuclear war with each

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