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After giving much thought on what I wanted to do in the future, I found University of California at Los Angeles to be an excellent stepping stone for my aspiration as a computer scientist. I’ve come to a decision to apply to UCLA because I wanted to follow in my brother’s footsteps as a computer scientist, and what better way to start, by applying to the same college that my brother attended and graduated. With the encouragement from my brother supporting me behind my back, I strongly believe that UCLA will widen my horizon, improve me as a person, and hope to have a glimpse of what my brother had experienced when he took his first step into the campus. My strongest traits to push through my aspirations is my confidence, passion, and hardwork. …show more content…

I would have to take measures to get there, and confidence would be the number one on my to do list. In order to build up my confidence, I decided to volunteer at the Rosemead library as a way to build up my social skills by talking to younger kids and train my leadership skills by creating programs. One of the programs I did for the summer was a watercolor program, where I had around 20 kids ages 9-12. My job as the leader of the program was to teach the kids how to create watercolor bookmarks. It allowed me to practice how to communicate with other people and train my patience. I found younger kids between the ages of 9-12 a great way to boost my confidence and also help them establish their creativity. I’ve taken further steps in order to prepare myself for my future career as a computer scientist by taking online courses on programing. My brother had suggested to take an advantage on free online resources for introduction to programing, before I moved up to learn a programming language called Python. By taking advantage of online resources, I conducted myself throughout the summer learning how the fundamentals of computer language in hopes that when I ever enter my field, I would at least have already grasped the basics. During my learning experience, I was able to construct different variety of games like tic tac toe, artillery game, and a financing game. I am also well aware that computer science major requires a strong math background, so I pushed myself to take advanced math courses in my high school. It was a risky choice since, I knew my math was not as strong as my brother, however I was confident that I would work very hard in order to overcome my obstacles. For the first few months in my Ap Calculus class, my grade was a solid C. I was devastated, yet I had a premonition that I would not do well, therefore I decided to study even harder than before. HOwever, I decided to review how I would

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