Colonialism In The Tempest And The Tempest

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European colonialism involved many major issues including slavery, cultural oppression and racism. During the 15th through 19th century, Europeans took over native land and ruled over them. They had the power and technological advantage over native people so they were able to colonized their land. When this happened, the native people became culturally oppressed and no longer had their freedom. Similarly, in the Tempest, Prospero took over the island (which was caliban’s land at one point) and ruled over him. Caliban now had to live under Prospero’s rules and no longer can live his wild life. Prospero also saved Ariel from the imprisonment of Sycorax and then imprisoned him for himself. He controlled them and made them do whatever he wanted…show more content…
This is not fair treatment to Ariel and Caliban just like the Europeans did not treat the natives fairy. There is very clear similarities between the two concepts and the connection can be easily seen. In the play, Caliban was on the island first and he considered that his land. When Prospero came over, he used his power to take over. He was the Duke, and he could take over anyone he wanted. Although they were friendly at first, Prospero eventually took full control of the people on the island as well. This included Ariel and Caliban. Just like when the Europeans discovered new land, took it over, and ruled over anyone that was there. Prospero used his power and magic to completely manipulate people only to further himself.This play is helpful in understanding colonialism because it shows a higher power going to a new land and conquering anyone who previously lived there. Although they did nothing wrong or caused zero harm, Europeans and Prospero were socially above them, thus, giving them the ability to do so. Alike, understanding colonialism is also helpful in understanding the play. If you know the basic concept of colonialism then you will better understand the relationship between Prospero, Ariel, and
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