Colonists Rights Essay

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The British caused the colonists to break free from them, which was the right thing to do. First it was unnaceary for the British to impose taxes on the colonists. Also the british acts that included townshed act, quartering act, stamp act, and sugar act violated natural rights of the colonists. Lastly the british cut off trade from the colonists. The patriots had the right to declare a war on England and become independent. The British imposed taxes on the colonists were unnecessary. It is unfair for the British to make the colonists pay taxes but not everyone else in England. The colonists were brought on by salutary neglect which was self rule and had no one telling them what to do. The British did not understand that it was impossible …show more content…

First the British used the town shed act to collect taxes from the colonists. The colonists should not be taxed as much since there was not a lot of repersentatives. Also the British violated the colonist’s property rights by using the Quartering act. The colonists did not agree to this one because it stated that the colonists had to provide food, supplies and living quarters which made them feel unfortable to have strangers living in their houses. Overall the Birtish violated many of their rights. Lastly, the British cut off trade for the colonists. Which is another right the colonist did not have, where that the colonists could not trade with other countries because the goods were only supposed to come form England. The colonists grew tabacco and other goods but could not trade them. This led the colonists to rely on England for goods and the British taxed them on it. This is another reason why the colonists needed to break away from, to be able to trade with everyone all around the world. Overall the colonists broke free from England due to many reasons. The British acts violated many of the colonist’s rights. Also the British cut off trade for the colonist. Lastly it was unncesary for the British to tax the colonists. These are enough reasons to cause the colonists to break away from England and become their own independent

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