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The reason why the colonist declared independence from Great Britain was because of unfair taxes. There was other cause factor of why the colonist wanted freedom but taxes were the beginning of the American revolution. Great Britain was in debt due to the Seven-Years war. They started to impose new taxes and policy on the colonist so they can also help Britain pay off their debt. Great Britain impose different policies, the Stamp act 1765 which imposed taxes on stamps needed for official documents, Townshend Revenue act 1767 which taxes glass, lead, paint, paper, and tea, and the Tea Act 1773 which taxes tea. The colonist did not like the new policies. The colonist didn’t use any means of violent they attempted to request peaceful negotiations however they were ignored. This lead to …show more content…

Eventually things turn for the worst when The Boston Massacre occurred where the colonist surrounded a group of British Troops stationed in Boston. The British troops fired into the crowed which killed 5 people. This did not sit well with the colonist as there was already tension between the two parties. This was considered the start of the revolution; the colonist was already not happy with the rules that the British was imposing on them. Soon after the colonist began to revolt against the government, which led to the Boston Tea party affair where a group of people led by Samuel Admas poured tea into the Boston Harbor because the colonists did not want to pay taxes for the tea. King George was not happy with this action and imposed a new policy called the Boston Port act where the Boston Harbor was closed off until the tea was paid off, but due to that policy the colonist became stronger and united as one. Soon after that event the colonist formed a militia of Minutemen to attack the British. On April 19, 1775, about 700 British troop were attack by the Minutemen at Concord, Massachusetts in the town of Lexington and Concord. Which led to war, between the colonist and Great

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