Color In The Outsiders

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Colors represent a multitude of aspects in the life of any human being on Earth. Colors show the feelings, issues, turmoil, and jovial positions a human being goes through each day of their life. In the novel, The Outsiders, S. E. Hinton utilizes coloration to accentuate certain facets of her novel. The main protagonist, Ponyboy, progresses through a great deal of sentiments in his “greaser” life and faces quite a few of life altering events, all affecting his mental, emotional, and physical state. Throughout the story, S. E. Hinton portrays the changes and feelings Ponyboy endures through the colors, and shades, of red, gold/yellow, and blue. First off, Hinton utilizes red to depict numerous components of how Ponyboy undergoes many emotional changes, and to assist in showing how red does relate to the key elements of anger, fear, violence, heat, and danger. For instance, the quote, “I felt the blood draining from my face” (55), makes it clear that Ponyboy is uncontrollably petrified since Johnny had just stabbed Bob. The red reinforces …show more content…

For example, page 54 states, “…the file of ice developing on the outer edges of the fountain…”. This obviously shows that the ice is cold physically since it is plainly frozen water. This event also took place during the murder scene of Bob and could attribute to the eeriness and grave feeling given by the depiction of the scene. Also, on page 42, it accentuates Darry’s eyes as being “icy”. This depiction is both physical and emotional since Darry does have the blue eyes and is also cold hearted towards others and does not show much feeling to anyone. Finally, the blue Mustang in the story also represents an aspect of blue. The Mustang shows the coldness of blue since it is the car of the socs and the socs have a coldness towards the greasers and act very loathing towards them. Overall, blue shows facets of coldness both physically and

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