Outcasts In Society

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There are two types of loners in a society, a person that fears interactions and the person that likes solidarity. These two types of introverts are completely different from one another however; they are both outcasts in society. Some individuals enjoy the feeling of being alone and having a private life; while others wish to be social yet don’t know how to approach social situations without being stricken with fear. In “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner is about Emily the protagonist, who craves power and control over others, however she is a loner because she willingly avoids to interaction with the rest of the town. On the contrary to “Soldiers home” by Ernest Hemingway who’s about Krebs a Soldier whom has just returned home after serving …show more content…

Society is an important contributor to a persons upbringing and how they interact with the rest of society. In the case of Emily and Krebs the community that they inhibit shares some of the fault as to there introvert personalities. In a society where an individual is made the outcast and is not accepted creates an influence on that person’s personality. However, when a society is too lenient with an individual or a group of individuals, which can also alter the persons personality. Emily Gierson, the protagonist of “A Rose for Emily,” by William Faulkner is a prime example of the effect a passive community can have on a person. Emily is an elderly woman who was monumentalized by her town due to her fathers past achievements. Faulkner Stated “Alive, Miss Emily had been a tradition, a duty, and a care; a sort of hereditary obligation upon the town.” Although the town did not love Emily, they all understood her seniority because of her father’s prominent position in the society. The community gave Emily special treatment and she was still unable to develop endearment for the people that looked after her. Instead Emily felt entitled and she refused to socialize with people that she …show more content…

Trauma can cause avoidance and the lack of love can cause one to seek forever for it. Emily’s upbringing demonstrates an issue of control. Emily fell in love with Hommer Barron her lover that the town assumed abandoned her because he was openly gay. However, when Emily found out that Hommer Barron was attempting to leave she murdered him in order to keep him forever with her. Emily is used to getting everything her way that she resorted to murdering someone in order to get what she wanted. This is a major difference between the two Characters. In Ernest Hmmingway’s “Soldiers Home” Kreb is a fine Example of how the community that surrounded him during the war influenced his belief on love and relationships. Krebs came back from the war a changed man, an anti-social non-loving being. He believed that having a Girl would bring problems to the peacefull life he was trying to obtain free from any consequences. However, it is believe that Krebs was going through PTSD and was avoiding to create any connection to any human being after he saw what humans were capable of doing to eachother during the

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