Color Symbolism In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Nina Johnson
Ms. Jennifer Sorenson
Humanities 1010
4 April 2018
Color Symbolisms In Kyle Yaffe’s “Literary analysis: Color symbolism in The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald”, Kyle Yaffe brings to light many of the different colors that are used through the novel. Some references are more clearly stated for the reader user to read, while others require more contemplation and attention to the little details. The colors help to tie together other symbolism Fitzgerald uses in his novel. An understanding of the representations brings a new appreciation to detail, and passion for such symbolismdetailed planning. Colors can also help give attentive readers hints or foreshadows of events.
Yaffe’s article shed much understanding onf F. Scott Fitzgerald’s color choice early on. White is meant to symbolize innocence and purity. Nick Carraway, the narrator of the story, considers himself morally clean and honest. He is often in a white shirt. For example, Nick goes to Gatsby’s first party dressed in white. Early in the novel, we are introduced to Daisy and Jordan who are not only dressed in white, but surrounded with flowing white curtains in a pure white room. Later on, Jordan and Daisy are relaxing on a couch on a hot day. Nick apologizes for disturbing them because they seem so …show more content…

Green represents hope, along with Gatsby’s ambition and dream of living a lavish life with his lifelong love, Daisy. “Linda Pelzer states, "The green light forces Gatsby to hope and long for Daisy.” ( Yaffe, Kyle Paragraph 7) Interestingly, a green light rests at the end of Daisy’s dock, right across the bay from Gatsby’s home. Gatsby often would gaze out at the green light, reflecting on his dream and clutching to the hope while idealizing Daisy. The light continues to flash, constantly reminding Gatsby of his increasing obsession and his distance from reaching happiness. In fact, the original cover of the book was made

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