Columbian Exchange Changes

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A New Way of Life: How The Colombian Exchange Made a Difference in Our Lives It’s hard to believe that events that happened centuries ago have a huge impact on the way in which we form our ways of life. The Columbian Exchange was one of those events that still has effect on our lives, today. According to Cory Malone, (“Beginning after Columbus' discovery in 1492 the exchange lasted throughout the years of expansion and discovery”). It was a time period where cultural and biological exchanges were made between the new world and old world. An advancement of agricultural production, evolution, and cultural makeup. Both worlds were introduced to new plants, animals, diseases, and technology. The Columbian Exchange had a huge impact on not only …show more content…

Each world benefited from trades of technology, ideas and culture, to help improve their skills. Some of theses technologies were a written alphabet, new farming techniques, new firearm and weapons, and architecture. In schools today we are still taught the alphabet. I was taught in kindergarten and first grade. It is a way that helps us improve upon our writing skills and communication skills. It allows us to break down barriers between other communities. Also, the new farming equipment helped make the lives of both worlds a lot more productive and easier. Animals were based around the farming equipment to allow them to pull. We still use some of the equipment in this lifetime. For instance, the plow. The new world didn’t have very effective weapons to help maintain their safety. With the Columbian Exchange the old world introduced fire arms like guns and the new world gave knives, arrows and bows, axes, and other ways of protection they used. The agriculture exchange helped build homes, towns, farms, and ranches which lead to the changes of building patterns. New construction of buildings were advanced and more sturdy. This was the beginning of an evolution of housing structures and how they were made. To this day we still use iron tools and wood to build our houses. Although we have made a few advancements upon how we build compared to the Columbian Exchange. The Columbian Exchange has impacted our lives in a variety of ways. The past repeats itself, we just make improvements or advancements. Its interesting to know that what might have happened centuries ago still plays a big role in our lives today whether it be negative or positive. The past is never dead. It simply allows us to organize our future and will continue to improve upon the knowledge we have gained from the Columbian

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