Mini-Screw Implant Procedure

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The current study was conducted to investigate the biological effect of commercial orthodontic mini-screw implants on the oral investing tissue. In accordance, a total sample of … orthodontic patients (… females,… males), had been selected at random from a group of total … orthodontic patients, using a random table method.
Calculation of sample size was based on determination of the power of statistics of the study. The sample was selected from patients seeking orthodontic treatment in the Outpatient Clinic, Orthodontic Department, Faculty of Dental Medicine (Boys), Al-Azhar University, Cairo.
 Inclusion criteria:
The patients were included in this study if they have the following:
1- All cases indicated for bilateral extraction of maxillary
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The wire was inserted into the first molar buccal tube with a coil at the other end of the wire to locate accurately the vertical (6-8 mm from the crest of interdental papilla apically) and anterioposterior position (centre of inter radiculer bone) of the mini-screw implant. c- Peri-apical radiographs were made before mini-screw implant installation, in order to measure the amount of inter radiculer bone available for implantation and to verify the mini-screw implant site without damaging the teeth or maxillary sinus. d- The patient is asked to rinse thoroughly (2 min.) with 0.12% chlorhexidine mouth rinse. e- Topical anesthetic gel was applied to the mucosa at the insertion site in order to reduce patient discomfort. f- Using non touch technique, the mini-screw implant was unsealed, carried, and inserted with a manual screwdriver.** The mini-screw implant should be inserted in the predetermined position and directed apically by 600 to the occlusal plane. The mini-screw implant should be immobile and stable at the moment of placement. g- After installation, a peri-apical radiograph was taken to evaluate the position of the mini-screw implant. The patient was stressed to follow strictly the oral hygiene instruction…show more content…
6- After removal of the orthodontic mini-screw implant, the orthodontic treatment for each patient was continued according to the proposed line of treatment for each patient.
 Schedule visits of the patients:
The schedule visits was arranged every three week for:
1- Checking the oral hygiene and peri-implant region condition by oral hygienist.
2- Checking for stability of the orthodontic mini-screw implant.
3- Replacement of the elastomeric power chain with another one to have standardized force all over the experimental period.
4- Inspection of Teflon-coated arch wires for any area of metal display and replacement if necessary.
5- Collecting the salivary and mucosal samples.
6- Evaluating the progress in treatment protocol.
 Sample collection
1- All debris collected from the root part of mini-screw implants was analyzed after removal of the orthodontic mini-screw implants.
2- Saliva samples: a- It was collected immediately before the miniscrew insertion, one week, one month, three months and finally just before the removal of mini-screw implants to analyze the amount of metal ions released from the orthodontic

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