Dental Implant Persuasive Speech

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A dental implant is a synethic tooth root which is place into the jaw to hold a bridge or tooth replacements.

Who Are Dental Implants For?

In general, dental implants are for anyone who has lost a tooth. However when it comes to getting one, it 's important that you have good health because some conditions can affect if they are in ideal for you such as smoking, alchcoholism, cancer as well as radiation of the jaw for example.

However, besides the fact that they are ideal for people who have lost tooth. It can also over several benefits in additon to that as well. For staters, they can help to preserve oral health by maintiing the strucutre of your jaw bone. This is due to the fact that empy spades in the mouth can leade to increased decay as well as a decline in oral health. However, by using an implant it will fill that empty spaces and prevent this from happening.In addition to that, they can help to increase your confidence levels as well. People who are missng a tooth or two, tend to be smill less often or experince low …show more content…

Once this has occured you will be given a set date as to whch the proceedure will occur. The procedure itself consist of:
The dental implant, whicch is sued a tapered/cylindrical post made of titatium is surpgically palced into your jawbone.
Your implant, will fuse with or 'osseointegrate with your natural jawbone as you heal. With the fusion of the implant with your natural jawbone, it will essnetially establsih a strong and lasting foundation for the replacment tooth. The healiing process itself can take anwyhere from wekks or even months before you are able to conduct your routine actvies in regards to chewing.
Once your implant has bonded with the jawbown, an abutment - small connector would be subequnelty placed on the top of your implant so that it can be connected to the replacemtn

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