Dixie State University Scholarship Essay

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When I was a little girl, my most prominent trait was my mouth full of crooked, missing, and cavity-filled teeth. Though I was a happy child, so smiling from ear to ear was something I did quite often, though I was very self conscious of my teeth. When I was about 12 years old, my parents finally mustered up enough money to allow for my teeth to finally be fixed. It was then that we decided the rest of my adolescent life would be dedicated to fixing my teeth. Years of drilling, pulling, cleaning, appointments, and being called a ‘brace-face’ would eventually pay off. Finally by the age of fifteen, my teeth had been fixed, and my life had been drastically different than it would be if I was still self conscious about my teeth. I believe that having a beautiful smile is important for a lot of people, adolescents especially, to have confidence …show more content…

This will help me complete my prerequisites and also help me learn all about what I need to know to have my dream career. I believe that I deserve this scholarship because I am hard-working and dedicated. I will graduate high school a semester early with all my credits and a 3.6 GPA. I have worked since the summer I turned 15, and now during my senior year, I hold two part time jobs adding up to about 30-40 hours a week while still going to highschool full time. I have also held many leadership positions throughout my high school years. Being the executive secretary my freshman year, class secretary my sophomore year, and class vice president my junior year as well as being involved with Friends of Rachel and FCCLA clubs has taught me how to be dedicated and handle many tasks at once. Throughout high school, there have been very few days where I have been able to just go home after school. I am always very busy, and I have learned how to manage my time well, meaning that I can handle many things thrown my way. The money granted to me would not be

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