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    assessment of dental caries lesions as an effect of dental caries disease has been a challenge for a long time. The caries can be observed on all surfaces of the primary, permanent, and mixed dentitions. Surface lesions can then be calculated according to the type of the teeth (molars, premolars, incisors and canines) or according to the surfaces (proximal, occlusal and free smooth surfaces) (Burt., 1997; Ismail., 2004; Pitts., 2004). The lesions have to be assessed as to whether the caries is limited

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    PREVALENCE OF DENTAL CARIES AMONG PRIMARY SCHOOL GOING CHILDREN IN ABBOTTABAD Natasha Syed ABSTRACT Objective: This study was part of an initiative sponsored by Colgate to investigate the prevalence of dental caries among school going children in Abbottabad. The target age group was 5-14 year olds specifically belonging to poor localities of the city. 540 Method: A pilot program followed by a detailed study was conducted for 540 students to observe the presence of dental caries and calculate

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    Dental caries is one of the most common and2 multifactorial human diseases that has widely affected vast majority of individuals all over the world3.It is induced by acids developed by the dental plaque adhering to the tooth surface.4 Different circumstance effect dental aspect.Interaction between detrimental and defensive factors are crucial.Microorganisms, sugar, and unhealthy eating habits are disastrous to dental aspect, while saliva, oral hygiene, and the natural resistance of the teeth serve

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    Introduction What is Dental caries? Dental Caries can be defined as a disease where the hard tooth structure (dentin, enamel and cementum) become damage due to bacterial processes. It forms through the interaction between fermentable carbohydrates and acid producing bacteria, and other host factors such as the teeth and saliva over a period of time (Featherstone, 2008). Where the producing acids dissolve the mineral of the enamel and dentine, which can lead to tooth destruction. The two major groups

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    phenomenon "the significant number of dental caries in children is a direct result of their diet", posed an interesting but enjoyable challenge for the researcher. The objective of this study are as follows; 1. To find out if there is a relationship between children's daily diet and dental? 2. What are the daily dietary/nutritional choices of children? 3. What are the major foods that causes dental caries? 4. How a child's daily diet can be improved to prevent dental caries in children? The method of data

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    Dental caries is considered to be one of the most serious dental diseases that results in localized dissolution and destruction of the calcified tooth tissues. Neglecting the treatment could endanger the tooth pulp resulting in subsequent pain and tooth loss. In 1893, GV Black proposed his principle “extension for prevention” in the operative treatment of carious lesions. The fact is that the Black’s principle was constrained by both the knowledge of disease process and restorative materials presented

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    separately from the rest of the body must cease because oral health affects general health” - Sheiham Oral health is a critical, but an ignored component of overall health and well being, especially among children. Oral health problems such as dental caries and gingivitis are global health problems in both developed and developing countries.57 Department of Health in United Kingdom (1994) defined oral health as the standard of oral and related tissues which enables an individual to eat, speak and

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    ongoing prevention program of periodontal cleanings and evaluations. (Concepts, 2016) Every visit will include reviewing changes in the medical and dental history and completion of a oral exam to check for hidden problems. This includes an oral cancer screening and a thorough periodontal and dental examination. Changes in bone level and presence of caries can be easily seen by taking a radiograph. During this visit, plaque and calculus should be removed by the hygienist. The effectiveness of the daily

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    Introduction: • One of the fundamental objectives of operative dentistry is to preserve the health of a dental pulp. • Pulp is a soft tissue that occupies the pulp chamber, and is dependent on the normal hard dentin for protection. • Various restorative materials and dental procedures can irritate pulp. • To protect the pulp from different irritants, various pulp defensive agents are being used. Pulpal Irritants: If leakage of chemical irritants from biomaterials or microorganisms (bacteria)

  • Indirect Pulp Capping Procedure

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    Indirect pulp treatment is the procedure where the carious tissue is removed and a thin layer of caries is left at the deepest sites of the cavity preparation. In the cavity preparation complete caries removal would result in pulp exposure.1 It is important that the lateral walls of the cavity preparation are caries-free for interfacial seal and adequate control of microleakage.1 Indications for indirect pulp capping procedure are on a tooth with no pulpitis or with reversible pulpitis where a thin

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    to be the gold standard active agent in anti-caries toothpastes (Zero, 2006). However, caries remains ubiquitous, and even in countries where caries incidence is relatively low, unacceptable levels persist. Further, recent reviews have concluded that the decline in caries may be at an end or even in reversal, with levels increasing in some areas.1 There is broad agreement that greater emphasis on preventive oral healthcare and on managing dental caries without further destruction of healthy tooth

  • Bleeding Case Study In Nursing

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    there is currently conflicting data suggesting that isotretinoin may have an adverse effect on wound healing, specifically from dental procedures such as periodontal treatments; these patients, characterized by a tendency to bleeding, constitute a serious challenge in the dental practice. Although advances in the medical diagnosis of hemostatic disorders have exposed dental professionals to new patients not agreeable to the application of the management protocols associated with other, better-known

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    restorative dentistry propagated early operative intervention to remove diseased tissue and bacteria. Modern dentistry, however, emphasises on arresting the caries progression and restoring the tooth with minimum tissue destruction. Minimal invasive dentistry is based on this axiom. A drawback in restorative dentistry is the occurrence of secondary caries[18,19] that has compelled us to practice a more extensive form in the past. MID also displays the same drawback. Our study, in accordance with other

  • Argumentative Essay On Chewing Gum

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    Chewing gum stimulates salivation The action mode of chewing gum pass through salivation. When we chew a chewing gum, saliva production increases and promotes the removal of food debris in particular sugar, which contribute to the formation of dental plaque and caries. Saliva also

  • Haritosis Research Paper

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    The recorded clinical findings focused on common halitosis sites. These include an examination of the oral and pharyngeal soft tissue (Particularly a coated tongue, Waldeyer’s ring, salivary ducts, (the presence of mucosal moisture) as well as dental fillings and restorations. A periodontal screening and assessment of oral hygiene was also evaluated. If signs of periodontal disease or pericoronitis were present, an orthopantomogram (OPG) was taken for further periodontal therapy or extraction

  • Primary Dentition Case Study

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    Scheiner MA have reported that supernumerary can result from a multifaceted interaction of genetic aspects and developmental processes [8].One remarkable theory, supported in the literature, advocate that the local and independent hyperactivity of dental lamina results in an disproportionate proliferation of cells, which give rise to the formation of extra tooth buds [9]. The occurrence of supernumerary teeth may give rise to a range of proven problems, such as cyst [10], malocclusion, root resorption

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    yearly checkups are the best way to deal with both these substances or else the condition become severe and stubborn with the passage of time. In such condition the dentists usually follow a process called Dental Debridement before beginning a normal checkup. What is Dental Debridement? Dental Debridement is a method of removing solid or intense deposits (plaque and calculus) from the tooth. This process is considered as a preliminary treatment. This process removes extensive plaque and tartar buildup

  • Occupational Hazards In Dentistry Essay

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    remain in dental practice which continue to challenge this status. These include percutaneous exposure incidents (PEI), exposure to infectious agents including bio aerosols, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), eye injuries, vibration induced neuropathy, exposure to radiation, noise and dental materials and psychological conditions. When such risks cannot be engineered out of the dental clinic, appropriate occupational health and safety measures need to be adopted by dental staff and dental students

  • Negative Effects Of Soda

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    Sodas or soft drinks are beverages that contain carbonated water usually with sugar and flavors. Some research has showed that nearly 1 in 5 Americans drink at least one can of soda per day. Soft drinks by an average person can be consumed up to three times a day. Although many people know the harm sodas can cause, they still decide to ignore the facts and drink soda. There are many reasons to why people drink sodas; one of the most common reasons is, because it tastes good. Sodas have a very good

  • Pros And Cons Of A Dental Crown

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    A dental crown is like a glove for badly broken or decayed teeth. The crown is usually crafted from porcelain to mimic natural teeth, and is a great option for those who have broken or chipped teeth. Crowns are also ideal for protecting the teeth after a root canal. While the procedure is fairly simple, caring for a crowned tooth might be a little intimidating. Fortunately, it’s easy. Here are four tips for caring for your newly crowned tooth: 1. Floss Often and Properly You should maintain regular