Dental Cavities Research Paper

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Do not go near your baby if you have dental cavities. This is why.

Dental cavities are typically caused by Streptococcus mutants. We are not born with these bacteria in our mouth. We are actually infected by it. This infection is spread predominately by parents, through any activity that brings the child in contact with adult saliva (kissing the child, letting child suck on adult finger, sharing food, pre-tasting food etc.). Baby’s teeth are week, and its saliva glands do not produce enough saliva to battle bacteria, so there is danger of circular caries. It is a specific form of caries which occurs in the early years. It can extend to all teeth and spreads circularly, extending to the tooth crown.

Cavities can cause pain for your children. They may cause your child to be subjected to general anesthesia in order for the cavities to be fixed. Loss of teeth will …show more content…

Fixing your cavities and maintaining general mouth hygiene can reduce the bacteria count by 90%.

Use xylitol chewing gum. Research shows that mothers using xylitol chewing gum several times daily showed significant reduction in child infection.

Start maintaining your baby’s oral hygiene at early age. Clean your baby’s gums regularly and continue throughout its development.


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