Effects Of Chewing Gum Essay

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Most kids chew gum. A piece or two each day. They often share it with their friends. That used to be the same story for me. Until the story started to change for me. I wasn't chewing 1-2 pecked a day I was chewing 15 or less a day. I kept buying pack after pack and chewing piece after piece and it wouldn't end until the day was over. Then it would restart. It took me a long time to realize how much gum I was actually consuming. When I finally came to my senses I started to wonder. Why was I waiting so much gum? Is it bad for me? Can I develop health risk? Can I even possible die? I didn't know much about gum. It's not really something I honestly cared about. All I knew is that some gum claims to clean and protect your teeth from cavities. I also see commercials that say 4 out of 5 dentist recommend this certain brand of gum I never thought that gum could pose as a threat, but my research proved me wrong. The research process was actually very hard. Most websites provided the same info but worded it differently. I was wondering how I could …show more content…

Gum is the leading cause of cavities. I wondered if this is why I had 13 cavities. I learned that the bacteria sitting on your mouth breaks down the sugar in the gum and causes acid, once the acid has been sitting on your teeth for a while it creates a cavity in your tooth. I learned that gum also has a very negative effect on teeth. If gum does cause cavities continuing to chew gum is even worse because most cavities today are filled with mercury and frequent chewing may cause dislodging and releasing of dangerous materials in your metabolism. I have 13 calories and was wondering if a lot of this materials was in my body. gum also has a big effect on the jaw, because chewing gum puts stress on the cartilage in jaw joints and can lead to a lifelong time of pain and discomfort. The jaw muscles can also tighten ands lead to chronic

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