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  • Teeth Whitening Process

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    Frequently asked questions about teeth whitening Questions and answers What does the teeth whitening process? Tooth whitening is a bleaching process that bleaches the discoloration of tooth enamel. Our system uses a safe and effective tooth whitening gel placed in two formable mouth plates that you then have on your teeth for 30-60 minutes. This is done daily until you reach the whitening effect you want. Now you can get a professional whitening treatment without paying lots of money at the

  • Teeth Informative Speech

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    The next best thing to having your own healthy, natural teeth is to have affordable dental implants. A little history Dental implants have improved dramatically over the decades but the idea isn't a new one. Archeologists have found evidence of dental implants as far back as 600 A.D. - with teeth being replaced by seashells, jade and even carved stones. Interestingly, some of these early implants were noted to be fused to the bone. The science that lead to the discovery that certain materials

  • Orthodontic Teeth Persuasive Speech

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    you give be an amazing one? Going through your puberty stage was already rough enough, if not you’re one of the lucky ones. If you’re one of the unlucky ones with bad teeth genes such as me I know I would’ve done anything to choose an alternative to braces to prevent my ugly duckling stage of braces and glasses. Having crooked teeth definitely added to that awkward stage in life. Myobraces on the other hand which i have luckily come across during the Oregon Dental Convention are an amazing alternative

  • Wisdom Teeth Research Paper

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    Getting Wise About Wisdom Teeth with Dentist Lennox Lin When most people talk about wisdom teeth, they are often relating a painful or disturbing story from their young adult years, according to Lennox Lin. His Brighton Dental Associates office deals with many patients each year who have wisdom tooth trouble. Wisdom teeth, the third and last set of molars to grow into the mouth, do not emerge until you are a young adult. For some patients, they may start to appear as early as seventeen years old

  • Teeth Restoration Research Paper

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    innoivations and techniques in dental restorations in anterior teeth . Tooth structure may be used as an alternative to restore fractured segments, grossly carious teeth etc . The tooth fragments can be obtained from patients own tooth or from tooth bank. The restorations using these teeth are termed as biological restoration. This article discusses the different aspects of biological restorations Introduction Fractured tooth crowns , Primary teeth with extensive carious lesions are routinely observed in

  • White Spots On Teeth Research Paper

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    spots on teeth White spots on teeth are caused as a result of loss of mineral substance from the surface of the teeth, called " enamel." This harm is called hypocalcification, and the spots are known as hypoplasia. Since the white spots imply the enamel of your teeth is harmed, these white spots on teeth can likewise be the primary indication of tooth rot or the development of a cavity. Reasons for White spots on teeth Here are a portion of the fundamental causes of white spots on teeth. Dry mouth

  • Abutment Teeth Case Study

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    Abutment teeth: Structures used for support, stabilization, reciprocation and retention of a REMOVABLE PARTIAL DENTURE. Most of RPD cases requires the alteration of the tooth form to serve as the indicated abutment, in very rare conditions modifications are not considered as a necessity. During the fabrication of any RPD a consideration that is a must to be taken is the possibility to lose the abutment prepared and the need to replace that loss by slight modification to the original design of

  • Wisdom Teeth Pain Research Paper

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    How long does wisdom teeth pain last? We would not even care about the wisdom tooth, if there was no any pain involved. It will be painful because when the new tooth comes up, it pushes the old one, tears up your gum. You might face problems while chewing your food. The new tooth, the wisdom tooth pierces its way up to the surface thus it will be painful while the teeth is growing. How long does wisdom teeth growing pain last? Well, you will visit the doctor and start the treatment when you start

  • Related Literature Of Teeth Essay

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    LITERATURE Teeth A tooth is a small, white structure found in the jaws or mouths of many vertebrates and used to break down food. Teeth are modified to get food more efficiently and to extract nutrients faster and more thoroughly from food. Teeth are used by every human to chew food for digestion. Human teeth are made up of two primary parts: the crown and the root. The crown is the portion of the tooth above the gums while the root is the part that anchors the tooth to the bone. Human teeth also compose

  • Essay On Dental Braces

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    Nowadays, it is common to see people with braces in their teeth. You will note that a decade ago, it was relatively rare to come across a person with dental braces. However, times have changed. You will discover that in a group of one hundred individuals, one of them is wearing dental braces. Dental braces have become very essential nowadays. However, if you need dental braces, you should visit an orthodontist. You will note that an orthodontist is basically a dentist who in addition to getting training

  • Dynamic Occlusion

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    Occlusion: Occlusion can be defined very simply:”it means the contact between teeth”. the concept can be further refined by defining those contacts between the teeth when the mandible is closed and stationary as the static occlusion, and those contacts between teeth when the mandible is moving relative to the maxilla as the dynamic occlusion. [1] • there are few terms in occlusion which needs to be explained in ordr to understand occlusion in detail. • Static Occlusion: static occlusion is the contact

  • Cosmetic Dentistry Research Papers

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    Today’s Dentistry not only deals with the dental problems, but also it makes significant improvements in the aesthetics of teeth or gum or thefunctions of the teeth. The cosmetic dental treatment process creates a lot of positive changes on the teeth or gums which ultimately improve the appearance of the teeth. A trained, experienced, and skilled Cosmetic Dentists can help the people to improve their appearance, smile, and confidence. In this modern age,the aesthetic-centered Cosmetic Dentistry

  • The Surgeon Dentist

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    Braces were not invented until the 1800s, but having the idea straight teeth dates back to the ancient Egyptians. Archaeologists have found the mummified remains in and around Egypt, with what seems like an attempt to close gaps between teeth. The remains have a cord prepared from a catgut, or animal intestines, wrapped or run along teeth almost like todays orthodontist run wire along the teeth to close the gaps. The American Association of Orthodontists has found tools from the Greeks and Etruscans

  • Aesthetic Prosthetic Essay

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    masticatory capability has been achieved, patients will tolerate a poor appearance of the prosthesis.An aesthetic result in complete denture treatment is achieved through a deliberate combination of shape, color, arrangement, and orientation of prosthetic teeth the challenge is to develop a trial prosthesis that optimizes both appearance and function, consistent with both patient’s and dentist’s aesthetic sense and functional expectations Aesthetics has been given many definitions

  • Persuasive Speech On Dental Hygiene

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    Beauty salons are a good choice for whitening your teeth FACT: Teeth whitening treatments in beauty salons are not the same as the treatment your dental professional provides. A professional whitening treatment

  • Tartar Research Paper

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    gum line. Once the plaque has become tartar, a dental cleaning is the only way that it can be removed. Treatment Alternatives to All-on-4® Dental Implants Available in Miami Although there are other treatment options available to replace missing teeth, unlike the traditional removable acrylic appliances and anchored dental bridges, the All-on-4® dental implant method offers patients convenience and comfort. Traditional short-term options for tooth replacement include: • removable “flippers,” full-arch

  • Essay On Dental Hygiene

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    oral health and following proper oral hygiene on a daily basis is extremely important. Those that practice good oral hygiene will have a drastically reduced level of plaque and bacteria on their teeth and gums, which could help to reduce the chance that they end up getting gingivitis or any other serious teeth or gum disease. When most people think of oral hygiene, they naturally think about brushing, flossing, and going to the dentist. However, many people frequently overlook the importance and convenience

  • Essay On The Importance Of Going To The Dentist

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    Through the professional preventive care offered by Tooth Spa Dentistry's dental care in Sterling Parkway Lincoln CA, you can be confident that your teeth are well maintained and you are away from any early signs of tooth decay. Since we eat various types of food every day, it pays to have a dentist advise you on what to do to take care of your teeth properly and avoid tooth decay. This is one of the main reasons both children and adults should really invest in regular dental

  • Forensic Odontology Essay

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    by standard methods. (2, 3) Teeth being the fundamental component of the masticatory apparatus of the skull are very resistant to post-mortem destruction and fragmentation in comparison to other hard tissues of the human body and are therefore crucial for civil and medico-legal identification. In

  • Dental Trauma Case Study

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    Introduction- The purpose of this paper is to discuss a rarest case of hidden maxillary tooth in infra-orbital space following trauma. Pediatric dental injuries leading to traumatic tooth displacement is common in children, although it very rare and sometimes challenging to diagnose and treat traumatically embedded tooth in vital tissue spaces which may lead to serious complications if ignored. Case report- A 4-year old male child was brought with injuries on his face and mouth and swelling over