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  • Teeth Extraction Procedure

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    If you are getting your wisdom teeth extracted and one or more are impacted, then you may worry that you will experience a lot of pain after surgery in the area where the impacted teeth are removed. While non-impacted teeth can simply be pulled right out of their sockets, removing impacted teeth often involves some incisions being made in your gum tissue to access the teeth and your dentist may have to break it into several pieces to remove it. However, you can still keep pain minimal after your

  • Teeth Whitening Process

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    Frequently asked questions about teeth whitening Questions and answers What does the teeth whitening process? Tooth whitening is a bleaching process that bleaches the discoloration of tooth enamel. Our system uses a safe and effective tooth whitening gel placed in two formable mouth plates that you then have on your teeth for 30-60 minutes. This is done daily until you reach the whitening effect you want. Now you can get a professional whitening treatment without paying lots of money at the

  • Teeth Informative Speech

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    The next best thing to having your own healthy, natural teeth is to have affordable dental implants. A little history Dental implants have improved dramatically over the decades but the idea isn't a new one. Archeologists have found evidence of dental implants as far back as 600 A.D. - with teeth being replaced by seashells, jade and even carved stones. Interestingly, some of these early implants were noted to be fused to the bone. The science that lead to the discovery that certain materials

  • Thirty Bovine Teeth Experiment

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    with this experiment was finding the appropriate teeth to do my experiment on. It was originally planned that I would use human extracted teeth, which I would acquire through a local orthodontist, but after many meetings with a dental professor I found that I would not be completely sure if my procedure would call for more teeth until I actually proceeded to do my experiment. An orthodontist may not wish

  • Orthodontic Teeth Persuasive Speech

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    you give be an amazing one? Going through your puberty stage was already rough enough, if not you’re one of the lucky ones. If you’re one of the unlucky ones with bad teeth genes such as me I know I would’ve done anything to choose an alternative to braces to prevent my ugly duckling stage of braces and glasses. Having crooked teeth definitely added to that awkward stage in life. Myobraces on the other hand which i have luckily come across during the Oregon Dental Convention are an amazing alternative

  • Problems With Teeth Research Paper

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    Having problems with your teeth can cause all sorts of stress. In order to deal with these problems, you can take these effective steps. Get Dental Crowns If you have a weak tooth that is starting to decay, getting a dental crown put in by a dentist is a good idea. These crowns are placed on the weakened tooth, restoring its shape, size and color. You then have the ability to live a normal life again. There are different types of crowns you have access to. These include stainless steel, metal

  • Teeth Whitening Research Paper

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    How To Tell If Your Stained Teeth Will Respond To Teeth Whitening Treatments If you 're frustrated with your dark or yellow teeth and the whitening products you 've tried don 't seem to work, talk to your dentist about your options. The teeth whitening procedure at your dentist 's office gets much better results than you can get from the products you use at home. Plus, your teeth are whiter the same day as opposed to the gradual whitening you get with over-the-counter products. The first step is

  • White Spots On Teeth Research Paper

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    spots on teeth White spots on teeth are caused as a result of loss of mineral substance from the surface of the teeth, called " enamel." This harm is called hypocalcification, and the spots are known as hypoplasia. Since the white spots imply the enamel of your teeth is harmed, these white spots on teeth can likewise be the primary indication of tooth rot or the development of a cavity. Reasons for White spots on teeth Here are a portion of the fundamental causes of white spots on teeth. Dry mouth

  • Wisdom Teeth Research Paper

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    Getting Wise About Wisdom Teeth with Dentist Lennox Lin When most people talk about wisdom teeth, they are often relating a painful or disturbing story from their young adult years, according to Lennox Lin. His Brighton Dental Associates office deals with many patients each year who have wisdom tooth trouble. Wisdom teeth, the third and last set of molars to grow into the mouth, do not emerge until you are a young adult. For some patients, they may start to appear as early as seventeen years old

  • Bad Teeth Research Papers

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    Poor teeth are an aesthetic and health problem that may even cost you a job. If you have one or more severely damaged teeth, the following three surgeries are among the most popular and effective teeth correction techniques available. Root Canal The infamous "root canal" is a procedure that requires filling the damaged areas of your tooth with a rubber-cement type material that seals the cracks, improves your smile, and helps hold your tooth in place. A corrective crown is then placed on top to

  • Healthy Teeth Research Paper

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    practicing good dental care for teenagers isn 't nearly as proverbial difficult. The best way for a teenager to keep healthy teeth is simply by continuing good habits developed in early childhood. This includes brushing two times per day with an ADA approved toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. This will help to prevent plaque from building up. Remove plaque from between teeth and beneath the gum line by flossing every day. These guidelines apply to teenagers whether they have braces or not. It 's also

  • Crooked Teeth Research Paper

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    Crooked Teeth? Know The 4 Kinds Of Braces You Have to Choose From Getting braces as a child is practically a right of passage for some people, with their parents deciding that it needs to be done and selecting the type of braces. With metal braces being so common, you may not even been aware that there are different option to pick from. If you want to fix your crooked teeth and can decide on the type of braces that you want, be aware of these 4 options. Metal The most traditional type of braces

  • Floss Your Teeth Research Paper

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    Your Teeth in a Proper Way Flossing the teeth is an extremely important step in maintaining your teeth clean and healthy. It is probably even more important than brushing because there are certain areas, such as the tight spaces between the teeth, which cannot be reached with a toothbrush. By cleaning your teeth with floss, you can prevent many dental infections and diseases. Flossing can provide both your teeth and your gums with a good dental health, which is why you should floss your teeth at least

  • Wisdom Teeth Pain Research Paper

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    How long does wisdom teeth pain last? We would not even care about the wisdom tooth, if there was no any pain involved. It will be painful because when the new tooth comes up, it pushes the old one, tears up your gum. You might face problems while chewing your food. The new tooth, the wisdom tooth pierces its way up to the surface thus it will be painful while the teeth is growing. How long does wisdom teeth growing pain last? Well, you will visit the doctor and start the treatment when you start

  • Flossing Your Teeth Research Paper

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    importance of brushing their teeth and usually practice good brushing habits, many fail to floss regularly. Along with the American Dental Association, Dr. Valderueda recommends that adults and children alike should be flossing their teeth at least once a day to maintain optimal oral health. Flossing is an important part of keeping your mouth as healthy as possible, and is recommended by dentists for the following reasons: To Remove Stubborn Plaque: While brushing your teeth helps fight off and clean

  • Dental Implants: How Missing Teeth Can Create Problems

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    implant is used to support a fixed removable dental appliance or crown that is designed to resemble natural teeth. Almost all dental implants are designed to look like actual tooth roots. Implants are normally made out of titanium and are placed inside of the jaw bone. Over time, the implant will fuse with the jaw bone. Implants support bridges, crowns, dentures and other restorations. Healthy teeth and beautiful smile are the end results of dental implants. Improve Your Smile And Confidence Any type

  • Teeth In Dogs

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    Dogs ' teeth are very important on their lives as much as our human teeth are important to us. Dogs used their teeth to chew their food and playfully pick and nibble dog toys. The teeth of the adult dogs are also use to attack and bite anyone they think as threats and danger to them or the family that they protect. With such importance, it is best that we take care of our dog 's teeth and in order to do so, we need to know how many teeth do adult dogs have for us to properly check their conditions

  • Essay On Dental Braces

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    Nowadays, it is common to see people with braces in their teeth. You will note that a decade ago, it was relatively rare to come across a person with dental braces. However, times have changed. You will discover that in a group of one hundred individuals, one of them is wearing dental braces. Dental braces have become very essential nowadays. However, if you need dental braces, you should visit an orthodontist. You will note that an orthodontist is basically a dentist who in addition to getting training

  • Cosmetic Dentistry Research Papers

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    Today’s Dentistry not only deals with the dental problems, but also it makes significant improvements in the aesthetics of teeth or gum or thefunctions of the teeth. The cosmetic dental treatment process creates a lot of positive changes on the teeth or gums which ultimately improve the appearance of the teeth. A trained, experienced, and skilled Cosmetic Dentists can help the people to improve their appearance, smile, and confidence. In this modern age,the aesthetic-centered Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Dynamic Occlusion

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    Occlusion: Occlusion can be defined very simply:”it means the contact between teeth”. the concept can be further refined by defining those contacts between the teeth when the mandible is closed and stationary as the static occlusion, and those contacts between teeth when the mandible is moving relative to the maxilla as the dynamic occlusion. [1] • there are few terms in occlusion which needs to be explained in ordr to understand occlusion in detail. • Static Occlusion: static occlusion is the contact