Teeth Extraction Procedure

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If you are getting your wisdom teeth extracted and one or more are impacted, then you may worry that you will experience a lot of pain after surgery in the area where the impacted teeth are removed. While non-impacted teeth can simply be pulled right out of their sockets, removing impacted teeth often involves some incisions being made in your gum tissue to access the teeth and your dentist may have to break it into several pieces to remove it. However, you can still keep pain minimal after your extraction procedure by following these three tips for preventing pain before it starts.

Fill All of Your Pain-reliever Prescriptions as Soon as You Leave the Office

When you leave the dentist 's office after your procedure, you may not feel much pain at all, since the local anesthetic used …show more content…

Surprisingly, while icing your jaw is the best way to prevent swelling, once swelling is at its peak, the best way to reduce it is by applying warm compresses instead of cold ones. So, after 72 hours, switch to warm compresses instead of cold ones.

Keep Your Head Propped Up as Much as Possible While Resting

Also, remember that as you lie down to rest on a flat bed, you are helping fluids make their way to your jaw more easily. While you do want to rest after your procedure, prop up your head while you rest and sleep as much as you can. You can simply use a couple of more pillows than you usually use when lying down and sit in a recliner with your head back, but not completely flat, when you can instead of lying down during the day.

If you are having impacted wisdom teeth extracted, realize that removing impacted teeth involves a more extensive surgical procedure than removing wisdom teeth that are fully emerged, so you are more likely to experience pain in the areas where the impacted teeth were removed. Don 't let this scare you away from getting your much-need extractions, but do take steps to prevent post-extraction pain before you experience it to keep it minimal in the

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