Community Services Manager Personal Statement

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Education & Networking – Family and Community Services Manager
1. Master’s degree in social work.
2. Counseling or related field.
3. Three years of experience working with high-risk families.
4. Criminal background clearance and a physical examination and TB test are required as a condition of initial employment and continued employment.
5. Current driver's license, car, and liability insurance required.
The minimal educational requirements that are needed to get an entry-level position in the community and family services field have many varying education requirements. Social work positions require a bachelor's degree, at minimum, and some may require an advanced degree in addition to state licensure. In the advanced and strategic social …show more content…

Moreover, each of the certifications comes with a professional level of skills training and education that provides me with specific, and direct understanding and development related to my field of career. Thus, building and molding myself into the best Family Service and Community Service Manager I can be for the communities I will serve. These skills will make me qualified to not only obtain a job but to advance within a company, provide training and have a special set of skill sets that will allow me to serve in several areas in my profession. Furthermore, with this education and training, I can have a privatized business of my own one day and can develop programs that can change the Family and Community Service Manager/Social worker sector in a positive way. I will gain this knowledge and skills by continuing my education at Bryant & Stratton College. Moreover, I will build a professional portfolio and continue to advance on my lived experience in this …show more content…

I know lots of caseworkers and social workers that have encouraged me over the years to get into this field and whom I can depend on for support and that can help me make contacts within social work, and any field within the sector I choose. I have a wide range of resources from the years of advocacy I have been part of as well as coordinated for families and

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