Compare And Contrast A Chair For My Mother And Owl Moon

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In the stories "A Chair for My Mother" and "Owl Moon", we see how in the first story, "A Chair for My Mother," the narrator has been waiting a long time to go owling with her dad, but she had to be patient and wait to see any owls. So, she pushed herself and never said a word, and soon her patience paid off and she got to see an owl. In the story "Owl Moon," we see how the narrator wanted to buy a chair with her family, but money didn’t come to them so easily. So, the narrator waited for the day he could buy that perfect and affordable chair. Both of these stories teach us that sometimes you need to be patient, and your time will come. In the story "Owl Moon ", we learn that sometimes you need to be patient and wait for your time to come. This is told many ways in the story because, in the beginning, we …show more content…

Because in the story, we see that the narrator and her family wanted to buy a new chair for their home, but the narrator knew that their money didn’t come easily to them. The narrator knew she had to be patient because her mama was doing her best to get the money. We see that the narrator is patient throughout the whole story. Every day, the narrator would count the coins, hoping that one day she would be able to buy her chair. Another time when we see the girl and her family's patience is when we see how they are very uncomfortable trying to relax or even cook dinner. Even though this was a challenge for them, they still didn’t mind because they knew that one day they would be able to get the chair. After a year without a sofa or couch, the family has enough money to purchase the chair. They took their time and went to four stores to find the perfect chair. In the story, we learn that sometimes you just need to be patient and your time will come because, throughout the story, the family never gave up and soon was able to buy their dream

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