Compare And Contrast Booker T Washington And Web Du Dubois

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Washington, Du Bois, and Reform During the Gilded Age of the United States, the nation was adapting to the many changes of industrialization, immigration, and reform. The age saw attempts to reconstruct from the Civil War and allow African Americans to adapt and join society. Unfortunately, many southern states were able to create loopholes and regulations such as Jim Crow Laws and literacy tests to marginalize the influence of African American citizens. As a result, African American leaders such as Booker T. Washington and Web Du Bois rose up and tried to fight the oppressive feelings and laws of the age. To begin with, Booker T. Washington was born in 1856 as a slave on a farm in Virginia. As a child, Washington attended the Hampton Institute, …show more content…

One of them being Web Du Bois. Du Bois was an African American born in Massachusetts in 1868. He earned his bachelor's degree at Fisk, and entered Harvard University to further his education. He would be the first African American to earn a P.H.D at Harvard. Du Bois had opposite views of Washington. Instead of slowly working up to equality through economic prosperity, Du bois wanted to fight for equality now. One prime example of Du Bois's beliefs being put in effect was the organization of the Niagara Movement. The movement looked to fight and end segregation in society, courts, and public accommodations. The Movement attacked Washington’s Atlanta Compromise and refuted the idea of economic prosperity. Even though the movement gained some attention, it did not reach its standards or goals. As a result, Du Bois and others formed the National Association for the advancement of colored people. The NAACP had a much greater impact on African American progress than the Niagara Movement. The group focused on the same goals as the previous movement, but also added other ones such as police misconduct, black refugees, and surprisingly, economic development. Du bois also encouraged the rise of Pan-Africanism, the coming together of people of African Descent to fight for their rights. Overall, Du Bois's focus of fighting segregation through legislative action caused him to create groups like the Niagra Movement and

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