Booker Talaiferro Washington Research Paper

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Booker Talaiferro Washington was born a slave in Hale 's Ford Virginia on April 5,1856 on a farm to his mother Jane. She was a plantation 's cook. His father was a local white man and took no interest in him he never learned who he actually father was. Washington would learn to read and write in the late 1860 's. He would work as a servant and attend school all at the same time because he was very determined to learn how to read and write. That also meant he did a lot of walking and he would be very tired but to him it was worth it. He attended Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute now known as Hampton University. Then he went on to attend college at Wayland Seminary now Virginia Union University. His mother married another slave and …show more content…

In 1881 he would be the first leader of the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. He became very popular with black politics and aided President Roosevelt and President Taft in making some very important decisions. He worked with white Philanthropists so they would donated money to build schools for people in the south so they were allowed to become educated at suitable schools.In 1895 Washington spoke at the Atlanta Address. Although, DuBois would call it the Atlanta Compromise because he believed Washington was negotiating with whites on how blacks treatment differed from whites. He believed we shouldn 't fight about the Jim Crow laws keep our focus on more important things education. In later years, W.E.B DuBois who once agreed with some of the strides Washington is making, will eventually turn against him for working with white men for the betterment of black people. He stood fast to blacks having equal rights by working and getting a good education. His strong arm to get widespread education to all would be called the Tuskegee Machine. In 1909 DuBois would become the co-founder of the NAACP (National Association of the Advancement of Colored People). He will be the first African American to do some very important things. He be the first African American to be invited to the White House. Back then, blacks were only allowed to clean or help build the White House. Washington also becomes the first African American on a U.S postage stamp. He would write over ten books

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