Compare And Contrast Carl Vinson And Richard B Russell

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Georgia studies have encompassed 284 years of rich history concerning our great state. In Georgia Studies, there are four domains which students are to learn about: SS8H9c deals with two influential Georgians, Richard B. Russell and Carl Vinson. In this paper, we will compare and contrast the political careers of the Carl Vinson and Richard B. Russell. According to Merriam Webster, compare is to look at two or more things and see what they have in common. (Merriam Webster, 1828) In 1920, Richard B. Russell was elected into the Georgia House of Representatives as one of the youngest members in the body. Carl Vinson elected into the House of Representatives for United States.

Richard B. Russell Jr. was born in Winder, Georgia, November 2. 1897. Richard B. Russell Sr., was a lawyer, state legislator, businessman, and judge so Richard B. Russell Jr., wanted to purse his …show more content…

In January 1965, he retired and then he served in the United States Congress longer than anyone has in history. He was also setting the record as the chair of the standing committee. From 1931- 1947, Carl Vinson also became the chair of the House Naval Affairs Committee for 16 years. From 1949- 1953 and 1955- 1965, he served in the House Armed Services Committee for 14 years. Carl Vinson became the advocate of as strong military National Defense. He was recognized as “The Father of the Two-ocean Navy”.

Richard B Russell entered the United State Senate in 1933. He entered as the youngest member and a strong supporter of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Richard B Russell had become a part of the Appropriations Committee. Richard B Russell was appointed to the Naval Affairs Committee. In 1946, it was reorganized as the Armed Service Committee. He was the United States Senator from 1933- death in 1971. Richard B Russell died of Emphysema complications at Walker Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C, on January 21,

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