Was Georgia A Success Or A Failure Essay

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According to the charter of 1732, Georgia was made for charity, economics, and defense. The Good ship Anne was perfect and wonderful for the 114 passengers on the journey. It took exactly 57 days to get to a place called Charleston, South Carolina on January 13th, 1733. We then traveled to Yamacraw Bluff where we talked to John and Mary Musgrove. Mary was going to translate for us when we talked to Tomichichi about settling down. They tried to make Georgia a success, but was it? In this letter, I will prove to you how Georgia’s poor charity, penniless economics, and good for nothing defense made the colony of Georgia a failure. Based on the reason for its charter, charity, economics, and defense, I think Georgia was a failure.

Charity is generous actions or donations to aid the poor, ill, and helpless. Georgia …show more content…

Georgia’s defense wasn’t atrocious, but it definitely wasn’t excellent. Take the War of Jenkins Ear for example, England and Spain fought a long time during this war. Jenkins was a captain who sailed into Spanish territory. In the territory a Spanish soldier caught him and cut off his ear. Then the soldier sent Jenkins back to England to deliver his ear to parliament, King George was furious with Spain and declared war. They also had a rough time in defense because none of the settlers wanted to fight and most of the settlers from other countries were peaceful and non-violent. Oglethorpe went to the Scottish Highlanders, who were considerably good with swords and bows. In the end Oglethorpe found a way to trick the Spanish by putting a note in a soldier’s pocket and sending him to the Spanish camps. The Spanish found the solider and took the note. When reading the note, they found out that England was supposedly sending over 8100 ships with soldiers to fight. What the Spanish didn’t know that England only sent three ships with food. That’s why Georgia didn’t have an amazing defense, but a smart

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