Compare And Contrast Dubois And Booker T Washington

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WEB Dubois and Booker T Washington’s program for African American advancement.

After the American civil war which transpired between 1867 to 1895, the African American came upon immense suffering, segregation and discrimination which arose from the local laws (Jimcrow’s laws) enacted by the state. During this time, they were denied to use public facilities and transportation which included the segregated carsand the interstate public trains.
During this era, two peerless leaders Edward Burghart Dubois and Booker T Washington came up with recommendations to lessen the dreadful situation encountered by the African Americans in a bid to elevate their living standards.
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They appreciated his efforts as astern rescuer to segregation.

On the other hand, Edward Dubois from Massachusetts state and who did not experience the harsh conditions of slavery in his early age, felt that equality of the blacks and the white was
Imperative unlike Booker T Washington. He also felt that blacks would have educated themselves in liberal traditions as the whites did.
Unlike Booker T, Dubois felt that voting and civil rights were vital, though he opposed giving the vote to the unlearned blacks.
Dubois and Washington difference emanated from the early age upbringing. Washington had faced the slavery situation in the mid-1850s before the emancipation which made him to learn the formal education in Hampton institute so as to improve his standards. However, at his early age, Dubois didn’t face the deplorable conditions of slavery at his childhood; rather he had been brought up in a white environment where he had all the freedom unlike Washington.
Their differences notwithstanding, these both preeminent leaders played a major role in the betterment of the African American lives.

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