Compare And Contrast Fdr And Lyndon B Johnson's Speech

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The United States experienced many battles and disagreements that have influenced the world in many ways throughout its existence. In these cases, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon B Johnson are both helping the country through difficult times through the State of the Union addresses. In the first passage, President Roosevelt explains how he believes that America can work together to prevent Japanese imperialism, and in the second passage, Johnson explains how America will fight to prevent communism in Vietnam and acquire peace. Although Roosevelt has mentioned some inspiring aspirations in his passage, the passage which includes part of Johnson’s speech sticks with one idea. Therefore, Johnson’s speech is more relevant and sufficient than …show more content…

Throughout the speech, he seems to jump from one topic to the next without quality clarification. At one point, Roosevelt states in a disorganised manner “Fascists first revealed their imperial designs in Libya and Tripoli”, and then jumps to “the dreams of the empire of the Japanese and Fascist leaders were modest in comparison with... Hitler and his Nazis”. The way he delivers this seems unprofessional due to him relating the two drastically different events, and also there was no point in making the comparison. Additionally, Roosevelt seems to simply repeat what he is saying over and over again. Throughout Roosevelt’s State of the Union Address, he continuously says that America will remain strong and determined. Although this may seem to provide strength for the speech, in reality it just seems not reliable to the people due to the fact that he does not clearly explain why we will stay strong. Towards the end of his speech, Roosevelt states “this adds only to our determination to see to it that the Stars and Stripes will fly again over Wake and Guam” and later on states again “We and those united with us will make those decisions with courage and determination.”. Within these quotes, Roosevelt repeats that America will be determined and brave, which does not quite catch the support of the people well. Furthermore, if Roosevelt had explained what was happening with America, his speech would have been more convincing to the

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