Compare And Contrast Halloween And The Day Of The Dead

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The Day of the Dead is commonly referred to as the “Mexican Halloween”, however this is a common misconception. Halloween and The Day of the Dead may be celebrated near each other in the calendar and share many similarities, but they are also very different in their separate histories and origin. The Day of the Dead originates from the Aztec’s in the 16th century. While Halloween originates from the ancient Celtic rituals. The Day of the Dead celebrates that this specific period during the year allows the dead to enjoy the luxuries of life, approximately from October 28, to November 2nd. While on the other hand, Halloween’s modern purpose is to go door to door in a costume asking for sweets in the common saying “Trick or Treat!”. The main traditions commonly practiced in this week is to visit deceased family members graves’, and leave food, spices, and even beautiful flowers in the hopes that the dead will be able to enjoy these luxuries for a short time. While Halloween is not as sophisticated as The Day of the Dead, it still has a few traditions to go along with it, such as dressing up and having celebrations.

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Sweets are even available for the children, what could a child wish for more than a sugar skull? This is a skull made of sugar, what a happy memory to remember the dead by! While Americans tend to have a negative view on death people who celebrate The Day of the Dead, have a more optimistic view on death. They believe dieing is just the next great adventure. While Halloween is simply viewed as, the amount of candy you procure or how big your party can be. While both holidays share very similar qualities, they are each very different and they should not be

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