Compare And Contrast Harrison Bergeron

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A dystopia where equality is everything and there handicaps limit anything that could possibly make someone unique, all this in the story “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. The message of “Harrison Bergeron” is, to have the same of everything is to diminish the experience and interesting traits of a person. A clash between diversity of skill level is not to lead to envy, but to the way you push each other to succeed at higher levels. The short story version of “Harrison Bergeron” takes place in the year 2081, and there are only two settings: the Bergerons’ living room and the tv studio. The movie version has many settings, and the difference between these two mediums helps develop different aspects of why it’s so important to allow people …show more content…

In the movie Harrison started off just going through the motions with his handicaps, trying to pretend that his brain was being “slowed down”. Then he got taken in by a secret society and was under the influence that he was being granted freedom. Later after falling in love with a girl named Phillipa in the society he realized that he needed to help his family and the citizens be able to experience life without being held back. He acted upon this and showed the world the possibilities if they didn’t have handicaps. With dvd’s from a long time ago. After this the head of the society told Harrison that if he didn’t go back on tv and say that it was all fake, then a lot of people that believed the dvd’s would die. He went on television and claimed to all the people that it wasn’t real happiness that they “thought” they had seen. Harrison went closer to the camera and said “ she’s pregnant “ then fired a gun and took his life. This was the most important line in the movie because it gave the readers hope that Harrison's son would soon see this and share it to the world. It gave something just big enough for us to wonder if they ever got freed of the handicaps in the

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