Compare And Contrast Harrison Bergeron And By The Waters Of Babylon

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The “Rap-Back” Of Tech
In the two stories, “Harrison Bergeron”, and “By The Waters Of Babylon”, the world is “destroyed”, or “remade”, after a technological “break-down”.
Tech can very easily lead us to our own imminent demise, none the less it’s own, but usually, it may only do so with our allowing it.
For example, Global Warming. Global Warming is, for the most part, the direct result of human activity. We use machines to burn fossil fuels and drill underground, which we couldn’t do without tech. We puncture the bottoms of lakes, creating leakages of methane into millions of underwater and atmospheric ecosystems, warming the atmosphere, and ultimately, warming the entire planet. This causes ice caps, snow-covered, and polar regions to melt,
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