Compare And Contrast Inca And Aztec Empires

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Although the two empires shared similarities in their military tactics and expansion, they showed numerous differences in the capital and the societal structures. The Aztec civilization, which was mainly centered in Mesoamerica, was not brutal or harsh as many believed. It was rich in both heritage and rituals. Similarly, the Inca Empire, which was in the west of South America, spanned for many miles and succeeded in many professions throughout the centuries between the 13th and 16 century. The two empires shared similarities in their military tactics and expansion. Both of them were allied with other tribes and then combined to form the military that was used to protect against internal rebellion and external attacks. They both lasted till the Spanish started attacking them in 1521 for the Aztec and 1532 for Incan. The Aztec who were described as fierce warriors, gained strength in the 1420s. The Incans, who were …show more content…

Unlike with the Incan civilization, the Aztec had social classes that started with having the king on top, then priests, followed by nobles then merchants, artisans and finally came the farmers and slaves. This system was easier to manage because the total population was around 5 million. Therefore, they didn’t have enough slaves that would rebel and cause problems. They also had people distributed among more classes. The society in the Incan empire was more organized than the Aztec. They had social records along with census data. They taught officials in the government how to read and write. The families were grouped together in communities called Ayllu. The members worked together in farming. Unlike The Aztec, which had a variety of jobs other than farming like traders, merchants, and artists, the Incan society was more dedicated to one job. They were able to produce a successful government system that benefitted the society at that

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