Compare And Contrast The Spanish Conquest Of The Aztecs

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Conquest of The Aztecs The Spanish Conquistadors were able to conquer the Aztecs because they had superior weapons, strategies, and alliances. If the Aztecs were powerful Indians, why did they not attack instead of giving the conquistadors gifts? What made them not attack? How did they permit the conquistadors conquer them? Was it a legend or were the Indians just scared? When the Spanish conquistadors arrived to Tenochtitlan, they knew they had a lot of advantage when it came to weapons. They brought many types of guns and armor. Instead, the Aztecs made their own guns but they weren't as good as the weapons the conquistadors brought with them. Also, the conquistadors brought with them many horses. When the Indians saw the horses, they thought they were dragons and they were really scared. When Cortes ordered his men to bring the cannons, the Aztecs had never seen this. They were terrified when they saw this. The Aztecs tried to make peace with them, and gave them gold, which made the conquistadors only want more of this. They wanted victory. …show more content…

When they got to Tenochtitlan, they tricked and captured the Aztec ruler, Moctezuma. They had him captured for a long time and he would try to save himself by offering more gold. Cortes said that he needed someone to translate for him and then, Doña Marina offered herself as the translator. This was another strategy because the Spanish conquistadors could get any information about the city. Another strategy that the conquistadors had was taking advantages of their beliefs. When they flirts arrived at Tenochtitlan, the Aztecs thought the conquistadors were gods. The conquistadors obviously took advantage of this opportunity. This is when the Aztecs didn't attack. They thought Hernando Cortes was a legend fulfilled. They couldn't attack a

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