Compare And Contrast Lamb To The Slaughter

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I say, “Don’t even think it. Next to dancing, that’s my strong suit.” The story Angus Bethune by Chris Crutcher and the story Lamb to the Slaughter by Roald Dahl share many similarities and differences. One element where the two stories share similarities and differences is in the main character or protagonist in the books. There are differences in the story as in Angus he is made fun of for who he is and nobody likes him or even really knows about him. In the story Lamb to the Slaughter Mary is a joyous, well-known girl who is very likeable and sweet and who is even married to the Lieutenant of the police department. In the book Angus Bethune he is always talking to a family member instead of a friend indicating that he is not a very popular person and that he doesn’t really have any friends. In the book lamb to the slaughter it’s quite the opposite. Mary goes to the market to pick up the vegetables she lacked for dinner and the clerk of the store knew her by name. Another example is that when the police were over searching for the weapon …show more content…

In Angus he heard some particularly grave yet exciting news when they told him that he was going to be homecoming king with his crush Melissa LeFevre. In Lamb to the Slaughter she is told that her husband is going to leave her, yet in the book he only says “I’ll make sure you’re looked after well” (Dahl) even though it never states it with in the context of her shocked state the reader can then infer that he has leaving her. Another similarity within the book is that Mary can’t really take bad news or have anyone talk badly about her or her family. Where in Angus the feelings are the same with Angus. He doesn’t enjoy everyone criticizing him and who he is and he especially doesn’t take bad news well. He like every other kid in his grade just wants to be this impossible “normal” that is portrayed by the so call jocks and preps within every high

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