Compare And Contrast Leopold And Loeb Murder

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A horrible tragedy of three ruined lives, a brutally murdered 14 year old, and life imprisonments of two teenage killers (Linder, 1). Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, two extremely intelligent young men with a crazed affection for each other, shocked many people by the gruesomeness and the nature of the murder of Bobby Franks. In Chicago, 1924, the radio was just making an entrance into social life, cultural norms were changing as the economy boomed, and traditional views on life began to change to be more contemporary ( Staff). Leopold and Loeb were fearless, living the fast life of robbing and conning, when they decided to commit the perfect, unsolvable, murder. They had no want or even reason to kill, but to experience the thrill of adrenaline flow through them (Linder, 2). The Leopold and Loeb murder was very important; the want for the most perfect murder, and killing just for the thrill of it made a lasting impact on the shaken American people who wanted Leopold and Loeb to receive the death penalty.
America has evolved in many ways since our founding in 1776, 241 years ago. A Declaration of Independence from Britain, a Civil War leading to the abolition of slavery from the Union, two World Wars ending fascism, a Great Depression, and the Civil Rights movement. These are some of …show more content…

Leopold and Loeb both grew up in very rich families, while also being outworldly smart. They murdered Bobby Franks on May 21, 1924, and it was bloody, and likely painful for young Bobby. At the hearing, Judge John Caverly ruled that life in prison would be a more appropriate consequence for Leopold and Loeb, who will always be remembered as the duo trying to commit the ‘perfect’ murder. Jesus Christ once said, and this will always resonate in our lives, “Thou shalt not

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