Compare And Contrast Malcolm X And Frederick Douglass

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Desire to be More Two great men from two different times fought great odds to become two of the greatest writers during times when they were pushed to fail. Frederick Douglas born a slave and Malcolm X a known criminal both struggled to find educational opportunities. Unlike other minorities of their time they both strived for more. They wanted to be separated from the norm, and they knew that in order for that to happen they would have to find a way to learn. They both knew in order to make a difference in life they would have to become proficient readers and writers, the fundamentals of education. Malcom X’s Coming to an Awareness of Language and Fredrick Douglas’s Learning to Read and Write you can find similarities and analysis the way they both learned to read and write. Douglas Talks about the struggles of learning to read as a slave he states “slavery and education were incompatible with each other.” This statement shows that during slavery, having an education was nearly impossible. If it weren’t for the caring nature of his slaves owners wife and the cunningness to keep it all secret he may never had succeeded in his quest. Malcom X can certainly relate to these struggles in prison ashamed that he could barely write a sentence he motivated himself to find a way to make himself better. Finding a dictionary …show more content…

Douglas was a slave, with all probabilities against him. Malcom x was a career criminal with society regulating his opportunities. Furthermore Douglas was given very little and had to learn everything from the basic alphabet to reading. Douglas learned to further his education through unusual methods such as giving bread to the local poor white kids in exchange for help. He also would dare the children to reading contests to learn more. On the contrary Malcom X did have an abundance of books and literary arts to help him raise his educational

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